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Cybersecurity Contract

Have a Government Cybersecurity Contract?
Do you need Capital?

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LEONID helps businesses that have won a Government Contract in the Cybersecurity sector with flexible financing that is unmatched when compared to what traditional financial institutions provide. We understand the obstacles that come with winning a Cybersecurity contract, especially if your project is of a classified nature. LEONID is a DoD Trusted Capital Provider. We have been vetted by the US Department of Defense, giving you peace of mind on who you are partnering with.

LEONID financing offers are not just flexible, they are non-dilutive and contain no excess monthly or long-term fees:

Financing up to

$25 Million

Advanced value

No Personal Guarantees

To learn more about your financial options contact us today!

How it works

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It’s a flexible and friendly way to fulfill your Cybersecurity Government Contract:

1. Finance your government contract or sell your Government Cybersecurity invoice

2. LEONID Provides you with 50-75% of the contract or 90% of the invoice value.

3. We can collect payment directly from the US Government.

Our financing options are transparent and one-time transactions to give clients peace of mind. We know how important it is to meet your Cybersecurity contract milestones to keep your business moving forward.

Why Choose LEONID?

Get up to 90% of the invoice value

The remaining net balance (includes our discount) is delivered to you after the invoice is paid.

No Monthly Fees

There are no “program access fees” or  “monthly service fees”.

One-Time Transaction Only! No long term contracts

Use our Financing Options when you need them only.

DoD Trusted Provider

We can finance All Government Sectors. Leonid has been vetted and approved by the US Department of Defense giving you peace of mind of who you are partnering with.

No Prepayment Penalties

Pay off your invoice fee at anytime without worries of penalties or additional fees.

Non-dilutive Financing

No warrants or an equity stake required, its your company.

Cybersecurity Projects We Support

Cybersecurity is one of the most important sectors of the modern tech industry. Below are a few of the Cybersecurity project that Leonids Financial solutions support:

Application security: Deals with protecting apps from attacks. Regular updates and testing are required.

Cloud security: Digital environments like ‘the cloud’ are particularly vulnerable to certain attacks and require dedicated cyber security efforts.

Network security: Keeping unwanted users, intrusions, and cyber attacks out of networks requires its own field of cyber security.

Data security: Customer data in networks and apps is essential to protect.

Endpoint security: When company networks have remote endpoints, such as when people work from home, they can be weak points for security.

Database/infrastructure security: Networks need databases and hardware, both of which must be protected.

Mobile security: Tablets, cellphones, and IoT devices all add additional dimensions to security challenges.

Identity management: Who has access to which elements of an organization’s network? Identity management makes sure that the intern doesn’t accidentally stumble into the payroll app.

Business continuity planning: In the event of breaches or disasters, an action plan is necessary to ensure data remains protected and daily business can go on.

End-user education: For when the problem exists between chair and keyboard, an important part of cyber security is raising security awareness. For example, training employees and contractors in good habits such as 2-factor authentication and password changes.

If you have a government contract working on any of the above projects or related project in the Cybersecurity sector. Contact us today to find out how we can support your business!

We believe our relationship with Leonid will help us to expand our operations and move quickly within a dynamic supply chain environment. This agreement will ultimately help us bring a life-saving product to market more quickly, making our customers’ operations safer.

Caleb Carr
President and CEO, Vita