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Government Contract Financing

Funding your Government Contract upfront—and anytime after

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Working capital up to

$25 Million

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Did you Win a Government Contract?

Government Contract Financing makes it easy for your business to overcome the challenges that working capital creates in fulfilling a government contract. Knowing you can finance your government contract before you even start the work or before your government invoice is paid will remove any doubts you might have in bidding on a new contract or how you’re going to keep your business running to fulfill your current contract.

Challenges of being a Government Contractor

A key challenge of being government contractor is working capital. It is well known that the government pays its bills but is slow at doing so. Waiting for payment can leave you scrambling to secure the working capital you need upfront to start your government contract work—or to continue work needed to win the next government contract.

Leonid is the leader in Government Contract Finance – providing working capital resources to clients even before you start the work. As scientists and engineers who have worked extensively on government projects, we understand the unique financial challenges they can present to entrepreneurs and small business.

Our Solutions

Our Government Contract financing team can establish working capital lending for our clients, with no minimums, and up to $25M. All of our flexible financing services include:

Working capital up to
$25 Million
No minimum

Flexible financing terms

We typically offer 50% loan to ‘total contract value’, ultra-competitive rates, with no hidden fees.

No ongoing fees

Like our Government AR Financing and Government Invoice Financing services, we prefer to build long-term, trusting relationships with our clients. We will never charge “program access fees” or any monthly service fees.

Efficient process with zero commitment

We fund your government contracts within 30 business days (typically less). We can finance multiple government contracts all at once, or just the amount you need to keep your business running. There is no re-application process required.

Upfront funding, before work begins

Just like our SBIR grant financing service, we can fund your Government Contract right at the outset, before you start any work. You get the working capital you need to make new hires, purchase equipment, and cover related upfront costs to launch your project immediately.

No prepayment penalties

Pay off your loan in full anytime, without the worry of penalties or additional fees of any kind.

Government Trusted Provider

Leonid Finance is a Government Trusted Capital Provider and has experience transacting on classified projects. Being a Trusted Capital provider gives you peace of mind about who you are partnering with.

What Is Government Contract Financing?

Government Contract financing is a form of financing used by government contractors to access working capital to fulfill their current contractual obligations. Winning a government contract means steady work and recurring revenue for small and medium-sized businesses- which is great, but comes with certain challenges as well. The primary complication can be access to working capital to pay for upfront costs such as staffing and vendors. This is where contract financing is a great option as it provides the access to working capital a government contractor needs to fulfill its contracts. Below are the three primary types of Government Contract options available to start-ups, and small and medium-sized businesses:

1. Government Contract Financing- Get the financing you need, even before starting the work.  LEONID is the only company in the market to offer this option.

2. Government Invoice Factoring– Also known as factoring government receivables, a government factoring company purchases your outstanding government invoices and advances you a portion of the invoice upfront.

3. Government Asset-Based Lending- Some lenders may offer a government contractor a Loan or line of credit that is backed by their company’s outstanding receivables from the Federal Government. 

How Does Government Contract Financing Help My Business?

Government Contract Financing provides consistent working capital for your business before you even start the work. Every Government Contractor is aware that they need working capital to cover regular expenses to complete a contract obligation, whether is a current project or plans for future work. The Federal Government always pays its obligations but the long wait for those payments makes it harder for a business to grow or bid on new contracts. Financing your government contract or unpaid invoice gives a business the working capital to manage payroll, pay overhead costs, pay vendors, and buy the materials they need to meet the current contractual obligations and take on new government contract opportunities. 

Is Government Contract Financing A Good Option For My Business?

Government Contract Financing makes it easy for your business to overcome the challenges that come with fulfilling a government contract. Knowing you can secure financing before you even start the work or before your government invoice is paid will remove any doubts you might have in bidding on a new contract or how you’re going to keep your business running to fulfill your current contract.

Leonid’s flexible financial solutions have been crafted specifically to help government contractors fulfill their mission objectives. We believe working capital should not be the roadblock in preventing you from growing your business and helping our nation’s innovators accomplish their goals. Contact us today!

We believe our relationship with Leonid Finance will help us to expand our operations and move quickly within a dynamic supply chain environment.

This agreement will ultimately help us bring a life-saving product to market more quickly, making our customers’ operations safer.

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