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Giving back to those who give it all

We honor service and sacrifice by channeling half of our profits into the veteran and military family communities.

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We donate 50% of our profits to organizations that support our shared communities


Capital is one of the most powerful motivators in the world. We decided the world needs more folks who use it as motivation for good.

Why Endeavour Exist

LEONID’s mission-oriented funding model was born out of our yearning to drive meaningful impact. To help fund companies who share our vision, and want to use their innovations to help aid and empower those who serve and protect our nation.

Time and again, we witnessed our fellow scientists, engineers, and innovators struggle to access the capital they needed to fulfill their government contracts and grow their businesses. Traditional capital sources often won’t fund government contract projects, for a number of reasons.

We developed our unique Government Contract Loan and Government Contract Line of Credit programs as a purposeful way for our mission-aligned clients to get immediate liftoff on fulfilling their government contracts.

Why Endeavour Exist

Our mission-oriented funding model goes far beyond the service we provide. It’s also one of our core values. We donate 50% of our profits to organizations that support military families and veterans.

There’s a pervasive belief that a person must be rich before they can afford to give back. We disagree. LEONID strives to help create significant change right now, as we continue to grow and build our business.

Our 50% give-back commitment supports the causes that matter most to us and to our clients, which makes for a values-aligned sales cycle. It also helps ensure any investors we take on are fully aligned with our mission-oriented funding model as well.

The truth is, none of us need to wait until we are billionaires to give back. By all means—we should each pursue our vocational dreams. But why not commit to improving the world while we do it?

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Who we support

Causes we champion

We’re committed to supporting organizations that matter most to us, our clients, and their communities.

We donate 50% of our profits to organizations that support military families and veterans.

Chris and James are the “Special Forces” of US National Security and Defense financial services. They’ve been with us from the start, and we are incredibly grateful to have them watching our six.

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Daniel Elkins
Founder and CEO, SOAA

Who we are

Meet the people who drive our mission

Leadership team

chris lay

Chris Lay


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james parker

James Parker


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Ian Holroyd

Chief Financial Officer

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Jefferson Chang

Vice President

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Jack Ray

Vice President

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Dixon Lin

Dixon Lin

Senior Associate

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Caleb Hou

Senior Associate

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Melissa Howell

Director, Office Operations and Human Resources

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Justin Lowe

Digital Marketing Associate

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Board Advisors

michael d barbero

General Michael Barbero

United States Army (Ret)

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General Melvin Spiese

United States Marine Corps (Ret)

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General James Young (Ret)

General James Young

United States Army (Ret)

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General Robin Rand

United States Air Force (Ret)

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James “Hondo” Geurts

Former Undersecretary of the Navy

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Brian Hibbeln

Former Assistant Deputy Undersecretary of Defense

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Michael Halas

Michael Halas

Special Forces Officer/ Account Executive Director/ Goldman Sachs

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Daniel Elkins

Green Beret/ CEO of Special Operations Assocation of America

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Matthew Hayden

Founder Sea Purity Investment

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Ken Campbell

Ken Campbell

C-Level Business Leader

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