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Grow Your Small Business

Grow Your Small Business Through Government Contracting

Running a successful and profitable small business is difficult, especially in today’s competitive environment. Acquiring clients, getting access to capital, and getting paid on time are all challenges for any business owner. All of those issues, not to mention the potential rewards, are greatly amplified when working with the government as your number one client.

Why Work As A Government Contractor?

Government contracts can supercharge the profits and growth of businesses of any size, from major corporations to small family-owned shops. Although lucrative, government contracts come with big challenges. They often require large amounts of capital, and while reliable, Uncle Sam and its state and municipal counterparts can be notoriously slow to pay their bills.

Leonid is committed to partnering with small and medium-sized businesses to help them get the capital and other resources they need to fulfill their government contracts.

Challenges Of Having A Government Contract?

Government contractors often need financing to execute their contracts. Leonid is a financial institution committed to financing the unique needs of government contractors with non-dilutive funding. From startups to established multi-million dollar companies, we can accelerate and supercharge an organization’s profits by giving them access to the capital they need to meet operating expenses and payroll while they make good on their government contracts.

Government contracts come with challenges, there is no doubt about that. But with the right partner, those challenges can be met and overcome. Government contracting comes with a long learning curve, there is tons of red tape to cut through and a lot of paperwork to fill out. Leonid has the knowledge and experience to help any organization meet these challenges.

What Leonid Does

Our innovative Balance Sheet as a Service (BSaaS) business model exists to help businesses access the capital they need to fulfill government contracts and help their businesses survive and thrive. We offer non-dilutive, flexible-term financing to businesses of all sizes seeking government contracts.

Among our clients are companies in the education, agriculture, aerospace, defense, intelligence, and cybersecurity industries. We understand the unique challenges each of these businesses faces and have the tools and expertise to help you thrive.

Our clients often win lucrative, yet complex and intricate contracts. We can reliably and consistently deliver the working capital needed to keep businesses afloat and thriving until they get paid. We also understand the discretion required while fulfilling contacts within the intelligence sector and have the clearance and security required to work with government agencies at the highest level. Finally, we are much more than just a lender, we possess the sophisticated know-how to help you safely and effectively navigate all of the complexities that come with government contracts.

At Leonid, we are committed to helping the small businesses we serve get the resources they need to help them grow and successfully fulfill their contracts. In addition, we are committed to helping those who served us. Which is why we donate 50% of our profits to organizations that support military families and veterans.

If you are a start-up or small business owner who wishes to grow your business through government contracts, give us a call and let’s get to work.