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LEONID Provides $560,000 AR Funding Facility to Cutting-Edge Ecological Preservation Startup, Aguaculture

AguacultureEcological Preservation & Conservation

LEONID is supporting Aguaculture, a leading startup engineering firm pursuing the development of lake and river treatment systems capable of radically rejuvenating the health and sustainability of our Nation’s natural water systems.

The facility is secured by the firm’s billed accounts receivable. The funds will be used for working capital, namely staffing and equipment growth and additional contract capture efforts.“The funding LEONID is providing is a complete game-changer for our team…we accelerated the launch of our new water rehab system and are chasing down additional contract opportunities instead of chasing down investors for funding,” stated Aguaculture CEO Nicholas Szabo.

“The climate crisis has clearly been identified as a national security concern-one that is already impacting military readiness, increasing threats to troops, and jeopardizing military installations at home and around the world.” Chris Lay, Co-Founder of LEONID, said. “We are thrilled to be supporting Mr. Szabo and his team as they scale and work towards greater ecological stewardship” added LEONID Co-Founder James Parker”…its an incredible mission they are undertaking.”

Financing allowed the company to launch and begin work on a new state ecological stewardship contract
Growth Result

Endeavour Financing was our ‘Superman’ when it counted the most. As a new venture awarded its first government from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, we were of course ecstatic, but also apprehensive. Although our technology was proven on a smaller scale, we lacked immediate funding to gear up for a larger project without ‘giving away the farm’. Endeavour made it possible for us to exponentially expand our operations while retaining controlling interest.

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Nicholas Szabo
CEO, Aguaculture