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LEONID Supports Cutting Edge Engineering Firm Delivering Ruggedized Supercomputers to Special Operations Forces

LitoCorpSpec Forces IT & Engineering

LEONID is providing an AR Funding facility to a veteran-owned engineering firm pursuing the development of tactical supercomputers.

The facility is secured by the firm’s billed accounts receivable (and earned-but-unbilled accounts receivable). The funds will be used for working capital, namely staffing growth and additional contract capture efforts.

“We’re proud to support veteran-owned businesses bringing specialized services to government agencies, especially those critical to our National Security” Chris Lay, Co-Founder of LEONID, said. “And we look forward to providing them with the scalable funding needed to serve and win new contracts.”

Facility Funded
Secured resources needed to begin servicing newly-won SOF contracts
Growth Result

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Lito Villanueva
Founder, LitoCorp