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LEONID Partners with Cybercentric to Help Support United States Air Force Research Lab R&D Efforts

CybercentricIT Infrastructure and Machine Learning

LEONID is providing a$300,000AR funding facility to noted Secure IT Infrastructure and Machine Learning platform, Cyber Centric.

The facility is secured by the firm’s billed accounts receivable and Small Business Innovation and Research (SBIR) contracts, with funding earmarked for working capital, namely the further development ofIT infrastructure and secure data operations.

“Federal agencies and other entities need to take urgent actions to implement a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy, perform effective oversight, secure federal systems, and protect cyber critical infrastructure, privacy, and sensitive data,” said LEONID Co-Founder James Parker. “It is a privilege providing those stepping up to fill the gap with the scalable funding needed to serve and win new contracts,”added Co-Founder Chris Lay.

AR funding facility
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