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Have a Government Intelligence Contract? Need Capital?

Now that you have the contract, we know they often present issues with regard to required investments, payment schedules, and delays.

LEONID helps businesses in the Intelligence Community develop their businesses through flexible financing options that go above and beyond what traditional financial institutions provide. LEONID offers flexible, non-dilutive financing options that contain no excess fees, require no Personal Guarantees, and are available on Classified Projects.

Financing up to

$25 Million

Advanced value

No Personal Guarantees

To learn more about your financial options contact us today!

Challenges of a Government Intelligence Contract

Business owners can find themselves waiting months before they can submit, and more after invoices are submitted to receive payment for government receivables. This can present significant cash flow problems for small or medium-sized companies, who might be struggle to open regular lines of credit/loans with traditional financial institutions.

Why Government Contract Financing?

mission control

For small and middle businesses that are government contractors, financing companies can be a lifesaver. The cash advances that finance companies can offer for government invoices help insulate businesses against issues such as federal government shutdowns or sluggish responses from government agencies. Luckily government agencies are accustomed to these kinds of payment terms. Financing companies can put together for you the Notice of Assignment that contractors with a Federal Acquisition Regulation contract require in order to legitimately redirect and safely invoice payment to the finance company.

In an effort to make this process more streamline the United States Department of Defense has created the Trusted Capital program. This program connects companies that have been awarded Government Contract with vetted trusted capital providers such as Leonid Finance. Leonid Finance has been vetted by the DoD and has the experience working with classified government contractors.

How it works

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It’s an easy, straightforward way to fulfill your Government Intelligence contract:

1. Finance your government contract or sell your Government Intelligence invoice

2. LEONID provides you with between 50% (financing) to 90% (invoice factoring) of the contract or invoice value.

3. LEONID collects payment directly from the US Government.

Our completely transparent Financing Options have one goal in mind, which is to give our customers immediate peace of mind. We know how crucial it is to push your work forward to meet the time-sensitive deadlines associated with government projects.

Why Choose LEONID?

We advance you up to 50% of the invoice value

The remaining net balance, which includes our discount, is delivered to you after the invoice is paid.

No personal guarantee

There are no personal guarantees required for our Invoice Financing clients. Ever!

One-time transaction

As with all of our BSaaS service offerings, all our Financing Options are one-time transactions.

DoD Trusted Provider

The only DoD Trusted Capital Provider transacting on classified projects

No Prepayment Penalties

You are free to pay off your invoice fee in full anytime you’d like, without the worry of penalties or additional fees of any kind.

Non-dilutive Financing

We never ask for warrants or an equity stake in your company. You retain full ownership and control of your business.

We believe our relationship with Leonid Finance will help us to expand our operations and move quickly within a dynamic supply chain environment. This agreement will ultimately help us bring a life-saving product to market more quickly, making our customers’ operations safer.

Caleb Carr
President and CEO, Vita